Lesser-known authentic experiences in South Africa

We love connecting our clients from all over the world with locals, to give you insight into their lives, culture and heritage. This allows for meaningful encounters and memories you will remember for years to come. With these visits you will also make a real difference in South Africans’ lives and contribute to local communities.

Let us introduce you to some of these authentic experiences throughout South Africa.

Taste Africa on a walking foodie tour

Join a locally-guided walking tour and taste your way through Cape Town’s city centre where you will engage with amazing local food artisans and learn about the flavourful history. You will meet people from all over Africa who made the Mother City a global culinary hotspot. Our clients are in love with these tours!

Street Art Walking Tour

You don’t always have to visit an art gallery to see art. This unique walking tour takes you an informative artistic journey through the vibrantly restored Cape Town suburbs of Salt River and Woodstock. Graffity art is a bridge between communities and brings about positive socio-economic changes. You will get to interact with the local community and hear distinctive stories told first-hand by those who live there.

Meet Jazz musicians in their homes

Music connects people! You will visit the home of a Cape Town Jazz musician for dinner, with music and conversation. Prepare to be spellbound as you take in the soul of the musicians that define the sound of this beautiful city. End the evening at a fabulous Jazz venue for a late set.

Get to know the Khoisan’s way of life

Would you like to know how South Africa’s first people, the Khoisan, used to live? This tour near Cape Town is a fascinating insight into the culture, heritage, knowledge, skills and contemporary life of the San.

Up close and personal with the winemaker

There are so many excellent wine farms in the Cape Winelands but you don’t get the same experience everywhere. Our carefully selected wine farm is an absolute gem which offers the warmest, hospitable touch. The winemaker takes you on a truly personal wine tasting journey. You get to enjoy the stories behind the wines.

Sample the authentic flavours of Stellenbosch

This walking tour introduces you to the traditional culinary treats of the capital of the Cape Winelands. From your incredibly knowledgeable guide you learn about Stellenbosch and its history which is famous for its cuisine.

Untold stories

After an orientation of the township in Port Elizabeth, you will visit two local residents who will share their “untold stories” with you while sharing a meal. These are ordinary people, with extraordinary tales. Some of the story tellers tell tales of our political past. Some tell of their life as township artists, and how their African roots influence their work.

Learn about Nelson Mandela’s childhood

A tour that will take you to young Madiba’s childhood places Qunu, Mvezo and Mqhekezweni in the Eastern Cape. You will find out more about the humble beginnings of the South African world icon.

Experience a traditional village homestay

In order to offer our clients the most authentic experiences we enjoy introducing them to lodges that uplift their local communities.

In Kwazulu Natal you can stay together with your safari guide at a Zulu family’s home and get insight into their life for a day and a night. You will join them in their daily tasks such as basket weaving, collecting thatching grass and wood and bringing the cattle home at sunset. You get to enjoy Zulu Beer, a traditional meal and listen to stories of bygone times. When it’s time to leave, a new friendship has developed and a deep appreciation of the local culture.

Soweto’s most famous street

The most famous street in South Africa – having had two previous nobel price winners live on it, is definitely worth visiting. Experience Vilakazi Street like a local during this interactive neighborhood travel experience on foot. You will get a real sense of the vibrant life in Soweto, South Africa’s best-known township.

Keen to find out more about these or any other unusual experiences in South Africa? Please contact us.